Friday, May 28, 2010

Are Your "Business Growth Eyes" Open? -- Day 18/365

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Are your eyes open?

Are you really ready to see what you need to see, when you need to see it?

Or are you so focused on "business as usual" that your blind to the growth opportunities flying past you virtually all the time?

There is a lot to be said about persistence, determination, and not giving up. I buy into all that...

But what if you are channeling the power of your will into
an idea, tactic, strategy, or venture that actually is doomed to fail?

There's a thing about being so goal-directed ... yes, it helps you see the things out there that can help you get where you want to go. But it also blinds you to the opportunities and solutions that are not on your "usual radar". AND -- it's keeps you focusing on ideas, tactics, strategies (etc) that are, well... less than ideal...

You've always got to keep an open mind -- and an open eye -- so that you can absorb, process, and apply different approaches to solving your problems. Often times, your best solutions are outside the box ... and as a result, they are often looking you right in the face ... and you don't even see them.

It's true. I see this over and over (and over) with new clients.

TAKEAWAY:  Recognize that being highly goal directed has advantages and disadvantages.  It tunes you in to potential ways to achieve your objectives ... but also tends to tune out the innovative solutions presenting themselves to you --- things you normally wouldn't notice or think of.

ACTION STEPS:  Simply recognize that you, like everyone, are victim to this tendency.  Then consciously begin to work to pay attention to ideas, information, and opportunities that might get you where you want to go --- but that you normally wouldn't consider.

To Your Enduring Success,

Growing you, growing your business, engineering your BREAKTHROUGH.


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