Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Optimum Challenge

Let's ask ourselves some tough questions, and really dig for some genuine answers.

Where are you going to be a year from now?  As a leader?  As an entrepreneur?

Where are the people going to be who depend on you to go out and "make it happen"?  Your family, your employees, your people, your stakeholders of all sorts...  What value will they have received from you that makes them better off for having you in their lives?

Where is your business, your organization, your "enterprise" going to be?  What impact will it have had?

The truth is, every person is essentially the center of their own universe.  And human nature being what it is, we've all got a pretty serious bent toward being extremely self-interested.  In our best moments (perhaps) we are actually focused on serving the people around us.

But here's the thing.  If -- as a leader and entrepreneur -- if you are not focused on serving the needs and desires of others, your days are numbered.  Either you will fail in your endeavor (as most do), or you will make only marginal progress, or you will continue to achieve short term gain that is not sustainable for the long haul.

Perhaps you don't have it in your heart to actually serve others.  But speaking bluntly, at the very least, you must learn to align and associate yourself with others who receive value when you pursue and achieve your own self-interests.

I think Zig Ziglar made the point by saying something like "you can have anything you want if you will help enough other people get what they want."

And when you really grasp that statement (dare I say "truth") -- and begin to live by it -- it changes the nature of the game of business, of achievement, and even life.

So... here's what I'm going to do in response to that truth:

I'm devoting this blog to one purpose...

To help you get what you want.

If you are a leader... an influencer... a business builder... a team builder... anyone who is in-some-shape-or-form seeking to have an positive impact on the world by creating, building, or growing some sort of enterprise, this blog is here to help you succeed in your endeavor.

And for the next year, here's how I'm going to serve you.

For 365 straight days, I'm going to blog pure content that is specifically and strategically chosen to help you grow, help your enterprise grow, and help you achieve that big dream you are pursuing.

And here is my 3-fold promise to you for each of these blog posts:

  1. Each post will be high-value, real-world, actionable content that you can take that day and use to move forward as you seek to achieve your goal.
  2. Each post will be tightly edited, concise, and focused.  I will respect your time by only writing things that directly communicate the point and show you how to go out and apply it to your real world situation.
  3. Lastly, I won't try to sell you anything in these 365 blog posts.  These will be directly about helping you achieve your goals, not about me making a sale.


I'm calling this little experiment "The Optimum Challenge".  I'll be starting it within the next few days.  And as part of it, I'm going to be doing some giveaways that'll encourage you to get involved and engage in your own "Optimum Challenge".

More on the giveaways later.  But for now, keep an eye out.  We'll get this thing rolling soon.  I hope you come along for the ride.

To your enduring success,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Mission of The Optimum Entrepreneur

Welcome to the new Optimum Entrepreneur Blog.

We've got some killer things in store for you here on the new blog, and while there's a little construction left to complete, we thought it fitting to go ahead and begin by sharing the mission of The Optimum Entrepreneur.  (You can also find this at our home website.)

Our mission is ambitious but clear... and desperately important in today's global marketplace:

"The Optimum Entrepreneur exists to equip and empower a generation of entrepreneurial leaders with the skill, expertise, motivation and resolve required to build the truly great businesses and organizations of tomorrow."

Ever since I was young, there has been something inside me that passionately resisted working for anyone else.  But I've done it - all the way from a world-class multi-billion dollar business - down to a small, struggling mom and pop operation.  Mostly, though, I've been fortunate enough to be in business for myself.

And let me just testify:  If you've got that same "bug" inside you that I do ... and you're willing to assemble the expertise and skill necessary to do-your-own-thing (and do it well) ... it is far, far better.   You can have control of your time, your level of income, and live a lifestyle others only dream about.

The problem?  Our education system absolutely and totally fails to prepare you to do this.  At best, it prepares to you to become a good employee.  What's worse, the Internet is filled with so much business-building garbage that even the most discerning have a hard time telling who can actually be trusted.  Add to that the challenges of the global marketplace, the accelerated pace of change, the crumbling large-corporate structure, even the changing nature of the "job" (I could go on and on) ... and it's no wonder so many businesses fail --- and for good reason!

So, after having worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country and around the world, I have now devoted myself to a larger mission:  To equip and empower a generation of entrepreneurial leaders with the skill, expertise, motivation and resolve required to build the truly great businesses and organizations of tomorrow ... those on a sustainable path to greatness ... that build real wealth, facilitate better life and relationship, and positively impact the world.

And just how am I going to do this?

With your help.  I want to challenge you to join me in this effort.  I want to challenge you to become an Optimum Entrepreneur.  I want to challenge you to acquire the skills, the abilities, the knowledge and expertise you need to build that "thing" you've been dreaming of.  The business, the organization, the team that the world needs you to build ... you know what it is.

Quit the talk.  Walk the walk. Make it happen.  Become an Optimum Entrepreneur.

So ... are you game?  Do you at least want to learn more?  A few clicks and we can get started on this journey together.  If you're ready, I say let's make this happen.  I'm looking forward to meeting you.

To your enduring success,

P.S. You can get started here.

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